April 25, 2010

Chuck Gets another N.A.M.!!!

So last Sunday Chuck got back from the field with all the reservist's and even though he got home around 3 p.m., he had to stay at the shop until about 9 p.m.!! So I went over there to keep him company while he dealt with the stupid reservists. Some of those guys just kill me. I was in the armory with Chuck while he received the weapons through the window from the reservists. Chuck would ask them "Is this your weapon or borrowed?" and half these guys would give the wrong answer. I mean really how hard is it to know if this is the rifle you were issued, or is it one that you borrowed because you have never been issued one before? Aughhhh So it was a few hours of stupid kids giving the wrong answer over and over and over again! It was really irritating, and kinda funny.

Luckily I happened to be there, when Chuck received a second award for a Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Award!!! Luckily I had my little El cheapo camera with me, so I could take a picture, but alas it was dark enough that I couldn't get a good picture. So I made a video of it instead! ;0)But yet again it won't upload to this thing! Blast!! I am so proud of Chuck for receiving a N.A.M.!! ;0) He is such a great Marine, and I really am proud of all the sacrifices he makes for our family. ;0)

Chuck recently came across these really cool shoes called Vibrams, and I have to admit that even though I think they can look really ugly....They are so incredibly comfortable!!! I love my Vibrams! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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