April 30, 2010

Fly me away!

I have been wanting to update everyone lately, but really haven't had much to talk about. Things have just been a little off here lately. Our car getting stolen, Chuck working non stop, and me feeling in a rut.

I must say I am ready for things to just chill out a little. It seems that we always have some sort of chaotic thing going on here, and it's getting old. I need a vacation. You know in the last 10 years I have not had a vacation. Yah it's true. Chuck and I never got a honeymoon due to the Marines not giving him more leave. And well living off of the Income he gets with the Marines doesn't leave for a whole lot of fun to be had. I mean I have been to some places in California.....but that doesn't really feel like a vacation.

Chuck is leaving for Norway in a few days, and I was told that I could come with this time. I almost died I was so excited....but then reality set in. I don't have enough money to go. Blasted money! Chuck is going to pull some gear out of a cave in a mountain somewhere that is super secret. He doesn't even know where he is going yet. But I was told that I could come with, hang out in the hotel during the day, and then Chuck and I could explore during the evenings. And then he could take a few days leave after that so we could hang out in the country. But my airline ticket is about $1,000 each way. And then we have the problem of who would watch the dogs, because we can't afford to board them. Then the simple fact that.......I don't have a passport! Aughhhhh It is very disappointing not to be able to go. I have never been out of the country. Sure I have seen the Mexico border, been so close I could touch the fence. But I have never left the US of A! Don't get me wrong, I love the US, but I ache to go to Germany, and just experience life. I feel isolated you know.

Being a Military wife I guess sometimes means that you ride your husband's coattails, and live off of his adventures. But that yearning to be able to have an adventure of my own never goes away. Sure moving every 3-4 years is an adventure in a way, but it leans on the side of it being more irritating than adventure. You move to an unknown place, you don't have friends, then you spend 3-4 years there, make friends, find a routine, and get comfy...then it's like a rug is pulled out each time and Psych....you get to do it all over again, and say good bye to those you call friend now, and know that you probably will never see them again. ;0( It's hard to deal with some days.

So yes I am jealous of my husband sometimes. I know that all his deployments are not all fun and games, but he does get to go on quite a few cool adventures. I wish so badly I could join in on them now and again. And not just the fun ones. I wish I could share the good and the bad with him, not just him going through the bad ones alone.

I am trying to think of all the places he has been....Guam, Hawaii, Singapore, Australia, Greece, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Uganda, Iraq, Kuwait, Dubai....and I know that I am leaving out a lot of places, but I can't think of all of them right now. But that seems pretty cool to me that he has been able to experience all of these amazing places.

I guess I just need to find a way to be satisfied with riding coat tails for now.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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