May 1, 2010

If you could tell yourself something!

I read this post today on my friends blog,and she read it on her friends: Shooting Stars, who first read about this on Dystel and Goderich Literary Management's blog.

Author Sarah Mlynowski came up with a brilliant marketing plan for her new YA novel, Gimme A Call. She asked YA novelists what they would say to their high school selves if they could. Here are some of my favorites:

Dear HS self: There are two reasons you have no girlfriend: 1. no confidence. 2. poor hygiene. #startwithnumbertwo – John Green

Dear HS self: You are NOT FAT. You will be, but you're not now, so enjoy it. – Sara Zarr

Dear HS self: Facebook will be invented. Are you sure you want your friend to take that picture? – Julia DeVillers

Dear HS self: You know that all dark gorgeous guy you’re dating? Keep a hold of him! He only gets better with age!

and mine:

Dear HS self: Don't date Jason, Chad, or Stefan. You look amazing, and you aren't a bad person. Stop fighting with your mom so much, and spend more time with your sister. Pursue the good guys more, and don't move into L's apartment (she is bad news). Take your horse out more, so you don't lose it. Go to a singles ward, you will like it better. Don't lose faith in the church even though you will in people. Confront David about what he did to you, and see if he will apologize. It will help you out more than you know. Don't give boyfriends money, stay away from the sweets, and go to the dentist! Stay on the Drill team, and cheerleading, and fight for what you want in life. Don't give in, and don't be submissive.

Now, all of you reading this, what would you say to your high school self?

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. I don't think I would say anything, I would be too afraid of the butterfly effect - I love my life now and I am who I am because of every experience good or bad and I might not have ever met Paul etc. if I wasn't exactly where I was when I was.