May 10, 2010

The Back Up Plan Review

So the preview to this movie looked pretty good, and a little humorous. Chuck and I went to the drive in movie not far from here, and watched a double feature. The first was How to Train your dragon, and the 2nd....The Back Up Plan. Now of course it was really late by the time we got home, but it was a very cute movie.

Jennifer Lopez came through the entire movie as a good actress,and pulled off the sexy look the entire time. We start out our movie with Zoe (Jennifer Lopez). She is an attractive woman, who has just been unlucky in love. She has decided that her clock is ticking, and so if she cannot find her man, then she will just go to her Back Up Plan and try to have a baby. She tries to get her best friend to donate to the cause, but he won't have it, and no one else seems interested. So she decides that In Vitro is the best option. She goes through the process, and ends up deciding that this is going to be a grand day.

As Zoe exits the clinic, she looks at her surroundings and is quite pleased. She looks around and does not see anyone, and so hails a cab. As she gets in, a man jumps in from the other side and starts accusing her of stealing his cab. In enters Stan. The go back and forth for a minute about stealing each others cabs, and then Zoe announces she is having to good of a day to let him ruin it. She jumps out of the cab and takes off. He follows her to the subway, trying to find out who she is.

A few days later she is at the farmers market with her friend who is very much against her having children since she is a mom herself and tired all the time. While at the farmers market, she notices Stan selling cheese at another booth. She tries to avoid him, but he notices her, and comes over to talk to her. She makes up some excuse, and leaves her friend at the market so she doesn't have to be around Stan. Stan however pumps her friend with info, and finds out who Zoe is a little.

Finally Zoe cracks and agrees to go on a date with Stan. Before to long, she falls in love with him. But now the complication starts....She loves Stan, but she is pregnant....How will she tell him, and what will his reaction be?

I particularly loved the Single Mothers group that Zoe attends. And watching the single mom have the water birth, and poor Jennifer being stuck there, was pretty funny. I think both Zoe and Stan were a little traumatized after that. ha ha

All in all it was a great movie, and I recommend it for all adults to see.

I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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