May 3, 2010

The Dumping of Cake

Dumping of Cake!

So the title sounds a little off, but I assure you this will become one of my favorite easy little recipes to make. My bestest girl Nicole gave me a recipe the other day while we were chit chatting on Windows live messenger. It sounded pretty easy and I just happened to have the supplies here in the house. I got everything out, and set to work making Dump Cake.

2 cans of fruit (make sure it has lots of juice)
1 yellow cake mix

Mix together, and throw in oven for 1 hour at 350.

Sounds simple right? I thought so to. So I threw in 2 large cans of pears, and cut them into small pieces. Then I added the cake mix, and realized I had to much juice. I used the really big I added another cake mix. I tasted it, and felt it was missing something. So I added a little vanilla.


Nope it still needed something so I added 8 Tbls. of sugar. There was no method to the method of adding sugar, I just scooped 4 in, and....


Added 4 more of sugar and....


I decided it was almost there, so I added just a smidgen of butter extract.


Perfect. I threw it in two glass pans and topped 1 cube of squared slices of butter on top and threw it in the oven for 1 hour.

It came out very well. A nice golden brown, and it tasted really great! ;0) I highly suggest this recipe, and please adapt it to your own liking, as you can add different kinds of fruit!



  1. That looks yummy...but the whole point of Dump Cake is to literally DUMP the ingredients in the pan and TA DA! No mixing involved lady! Dump the fruit, dump the cake mix on top of the fruit, dump the butter pats on top of the cake mix and bake. The juices bubble up all around and into the cake mix, the butter melts down into it...and it kind of turns out like a cobbler.

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