May 13, 2010

You are Beautiful

Life is tough, Life is cruel, and it is so hard trying to be yourself. So many people want to just blend in, and some thrive on standing out.

But I think that there are a few people who stand out a lot, and it's just because of their culture.

I am talking about Indian women. You do not see them to often, but the women who wear their traditional garb of flowing fabrics. Sometimes they have scarves draped over their head, or they have their hair wrapped up with one. These people ignore all the rules that we have grown up with of either blend in, or dress the same.

Today as I was walking in the mall with my husband I saw a group of probably 5 Indian women dressed in their traditional garb. I love it!! I try not to stare, or be to obvious, but I love seeing their bright beautiful colors. I have to stop myself from going up to the women and just wanting to touch the fabric. It is so beautiful. Some of the fabrics are just a plain dull color, but some are vibrant pinks, yellows, greens, and blue's.

I find their culture so beautiful. The jewelry, and traditions are so unique. I love it, and I wish I was bold enough to wear it to.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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