May 12, 2010

I got jipped and I'm selfish

Well Chuck came home tonight, and I was pretty excited. Now this is the selfish side of talking now.

I didn't buy my Roger Water tickets that I wanted so badly because I was worried about Chuck having food money while he was in Norway. His government Credit Card was all sorts of messed up, and so I was afraid he might need our card to buy food. So I decided to wait on the tickets.

Every time Chuck goes travels, he brings back a shot glass for our collection, and he buys me a souvenir. I love it. I have pretty jewelry from around the world, and Chuck usually finds me my favorite teddy. The...Me to You bear. I love this bear. He is called a Tatty Teddy and I love them. I always take one with me when I have a surgery, and I have several from around the world. Chuck found a really neat one that said I love you in Norwegian. I was super excited to see him. Also he found a Fraggle at the S.F. airport. I love the Fraggle's! Fraggle's are something special my sister and I shared growing up. I loved that show.

So when Chuck came home I waited patiently for my gifts. I didn't want to be a snot and ask for them. And so I cooked dinner like a good little wifey. We sat down for dinner, and ate in silence. Chuck was pretty tired from flying all day. When we were done, we just sat on the couch. I asked if I could see my bear, and Chuck said he didn't get him. My mouth dropped open. I asked him if he got the fraggle and he said no. I asked if he got me anything and he said no. I didn't know what to say. In almost 10 years of marriage he always brings me something.

So I logged on to the bank account and we had the money. So I went to buy the Roger Waters tickets (Pink Floyd) the cheapest tickets....$55.50

Sold out...............

The next set were $75.50

Sold out.................

The next set were $125.50

Sold out.................

The next set were $250.50

Sold out................

So I tried just for fun the Premium tickets for $550.50

floor seats row 11....$1,007.00

Heck I am humouring myself...why not keep going right? So I tried the

Official VIP Package $750.50

Floor seats row 3....$1507.00

Ouch!!! So my will to live is now over! I not only got left behind for Norway, I got jipped on my bear and fraggle, and because I was caring enough to make sure my man husband had enough money for food....I lost out on tickets to see one of my favorite bands ever perform! I know it wasn't all of Pink Floyd....But still!!

My heart feels empty inside. I feel hollow. I have no reason to live.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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