May 13, 2010

I can cry if I want to!

Oh thre depression is setting in.

I can't see Roger Waters perform The Wall Live in December! I am angry and sad at the same time. How will I go on? How will I survive? And what the heck is wrong with me for wanting to make sure my man husband had enough money for I didn't buy tickets? Aughhhhhh The frustration right now is enormous!

So I just want to rant for a second...or 5

I am so sick of fake people. I am sick and tired of people pretending to be interested in me, when I know darn well they don't even care or are pretending to pay attention when they aren't! I mean really is it that hard to be a listener? I have this friend....and said frined calls me to talk....but they really don't want to hear about me or anything about me....they just always come across in a fake way like that. Said friend just calls and blabs about themselves, and their problems....and I feel forced to listen. It makes it feel like they don't even give a dang. What the heck? Don't call me and pretend to be interested in me if you really aren't! It just makes me not like you! Aughhhhhh Said friend will ask me a question, and then not even listen tot he answer, or just start talking over me! HELLO.....selfish much?!! I am not saying I won't listen to said friend. I always do. I just hate when they ask about me, or ask me questions and don't even pay hurts!

K- I am done now.

So last night I didn't sleep. Yesterday early evening I started to notice a problem with my computer and some of my programs. It seems that an update had caused some issues. I couldn't watch video's, and I couldn't open my reader library. I did some things and then rebooted the computer. Well the video problem got solved, but I still couldn't open my reader library. So I uninstalled and re-installed several times. I got whole bunches of no where with it. I looked up to see if it had acess to my comp, and fiddled for 7 hours with it! That's right 7 flipping hours. Finally I caved and went for the live Sony chat to get help fixing it. The first person instantly passed me off to someone else, and then the second guy didn't pay attention to the things I told him I had already done to try to fix it. He then proceded to tell me how to fix it. They were things that I had already done. After two tries, he passed me off to the tech support on the phone, and they would help me. Aughhh So frustrating. Well I wouldn't be able to call them till morning. So I gave up and fell asleep.

This morning I called tech support. Some Middle eastern answered, and took over my computer. He fixed it in about 20 minutes. Yah!!! I spent 7 hours, and he did it in 20 minutes. I hate asking for help on things I should be able to fix on my own. And it's even more frustrating when I spent so long on it, and didn't even come close! Oh well......I am thankful he was able to help!!! I am becoming a little attached to my e-Reader.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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