April 1, 2010

How to Train your Dragon Review

When this movie trailer came out, it looked great! It didn't look like it had any hidden messages in the script, and it sounded funny.

So the day Chuck took leave, within half an hour he was called back in. ;0( So I went with him. After he was done with work, we just kind of ended up at the movies. It wasn't planned, but we thought why not. We hit up an afternoon matinee to avoid all the kids and teenagers.

We put on our 3d glasses, and got ready to be amazed!

We are first introduced to Hiccup...You learn to love him. There are a few famous people doing voices in this movie. And the one that You can really recognise is Gerard Butler. Hiccup is a Viking, but not your average one. He is to much of everything. To skinny, to weak, to much of a klutz. And all he seems to do is cause problems when he tries to help when the dragons attack. Poor Hiccup just wants to help, but everyone else is bigger and better than him. Hiccup works for the town Blacksmith, and he even has a hard time doing that because the weapons are so much bigger than he is.

When the dragons attack, they steal all the sheep and farm animals from the villagers as well as burn all their homes down. Hiccup builds a machine to take out a dragon because he isn't strong enough to lift a weapon. There is one dragon that is more dangerous than the rest. The Night Fury has never been seen before, and never misses it's target! It is faster than the others, and the most dangerous. One night when the dragons attack Hiccup gets out of the Blacksmith hut, and takes his little invention out to test drive it. He waits for the Night Fury to attack and actually hits it on the first try. He can see it crash land not far away but no one will believe him that he got one. And everyone in the village makes fun of him for saying that he got one. He sneaks out of his home to try to find the dragon, and what does he find?....a black dragon all tied up and hurt. He pulls out his knife to kill it so he can really be called a Viking, but he just can't do it. Poor Hiccup cuts the dragon loose, and lets it go.
He comes back later to see where the dragon went, and finds the injured Night Fury dragon. The dragon is caught in a sort of crater and can't fly out. It is hungry and tired. Hiccup sees what this dragon needs and starts to earn his trust. He gets him food, and builds him a new tail so that he can fly. It takes a few bad tries, but they become good friends, and in enters our new friend Toothless!

Hiccup is put into dragon training, and he finds a way to work with the dragons without hurting them, and no one but Astrid seems to suspect anything. Hiccup finds out that these dragons aren't really dangerous, but that they are trying to defend themselves. But he doesn't know how to let his father know that there is a way to work with the dragons instead of trying to catch and kill them. And so here is the story of the movie.... ;0)

I laughed through the whole movie, and out loud quite a few times. This movie is a great family movie, and I think it is by far the best movie I have ever seen. I love this movie, and I cannot wait to see it again. I highly recommend this movie. It is a fantastic movie!

I give this movie an easy 5 out of 5 stars!! Rush out and see it now!! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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