April 1, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Review!

When I saw that this movie was coming out, I was pretty excited! And as an added bonus Johnny Depp was going to be the Mad Hatter!! ;0)I mean really who could be a better Mad Hatter than Johnny?!!

Chuck and I were not expecting to go to the movies, but things just kinda happened and there we were off to watch the new Alice in 3D. We sat on the very top row, in the middle.....our favorite! We weren't surrounded by to many people. There were a few annoying teenagers around us, but it wasn't to bad.

As the movie started the anticipation was pretty big! I couldn't wait to see the movie!
We put on our 3D glasses and started to be introduced to the characters. First we meet Alice and the lord she is to marry..he is not cute...so much so I couldn't really find a movie photo of him.

His name is Hamish, and he is a little icky. While Alice is talking to Hamish mother, we see the White Rabbit for the first time. He is quick, and seems to hide a lot, but you just don't get a good look at him. Next thing you know, Alice is falling down the hole and bumping into and bouncing off of things. She lands in the room with the drink me and eat me stuff. And then walks through the door to find our White Rabbit.

Instantly we meet some characters and two of them are Tweedledee / Tweedledum....and I have to say these two are super creepy looking. I am normally a fan of the two, and love them......but these new ones I do not like!

I started to notice that the graphics were not that good at all, and you could really tell how fake it all was. Now I am not saying I was expecting it to be real, but sometimes the graphics are so great it looks real. Alice starts running from some monster dog....the mouse pops it's eye out with it's needle/sword....and Alice and the twins get away. Next the twins are scooped up by a big bird and poor Alice is by herself. We are also introduced to the Red and White queens. I loved the Red Queen! She looked fantastic, and the White queen is funny! She tries to put off a front of being so peaceful and kind, but you see for a minute that she is just normal! lol You find out that Red has a lot of insecurities. Her head is to big, and so everyone in her court has something to big, like ears, a nose, or a belly. But the thing we really find out, is that everyone else is fake. You really learn to like Red.

Overall I think the movie wasn't that great. I was pretty disappointed in the whole thing. The graphics were poor, and I was not wowed by it at all. I feel that I wish I hadn't paid for the movie. I think it is worth seeing, but don't pay for it. And I do not suggest this for children.

Wait to see this one until it is out on PPV folks. I give it a 3 out of 5 stars!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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