October 28, 2010

He's a kicker

Things are going well in the land of the crazy pregnant lady. Chuck is starting his insanely busy time of year. Toys for Tots takes up a lot of his time and energy, and the poor guy is usually worked to the bone by the end of January. And of course this year is no different....we are just adding a little more stress to it. November will be very busy. We have the Marine Corps Ball, which of course always costs way to much. Why they don't spend the money on a party tent (you know like ones used for weddings) and have a nice dance floor added, and then have it catered.....I think the ball would turn out just as nice, for a fraction of the price. But hey they always seem to plan it as far away as possible so we have to rent a hotel room, and pay a lot for our food. But what do I know.

December is of course busy again. Chuck will be taking two courses for the Marine Corps, as well as working the Toys for Tots events. Also participate in that months drill.

with January comes more stuff to do. The guys will wrap up Toys for Tots, and pack it away until next year. Then they will get ready for the years biggest inspection. Also he will participate in that months drill. And to top it off....because he isn't busy enough......Riley is planned to make his big debut. Hopefully he will hold off until early February, but hey this little guy will have his own schedule. lol

Riley has really been a lot more active lately. This kid can really kick. I think he is finding it very amusing to kick me awake from a dead sleep. He is most active in the late afternoon and evening. Then he takes a small break, and then starts up again in the middle of the night. lol It is pretty fun to be able to feel him kicking and moving around. I love it.

Last night Chuck was able to really feel Riley move. We probably sat there for a good 20 minutes talking while Riley kicked around. And Chuck was able to feel it the whole time. I even got a little teary eyed when he finally started to feel it. ;0)

My tailbone is slowly getting better. But it doesn't seem fast enough. I can now sit with a little less pain, but I cannot sit very long. I still have to sit on my left side, and then when it gets to painful to sit and I have to move....it hurts like no other to shift from side to side. I am really wondering when I will ever start to feel better. aughhhhh

I am starting to have issues breathing sometimes. I have shortness of breath a lot, or feel like I can't get a good enough breath. I have to stop what I am doing and tip my head back and try to get a deep breath. My books say all this is normal, because my little man Riley is starting to push a lot more on my innards, and it makes it tough to take a deep breath. But I just try and not over due it.

Not much else is going on right now, but I will keep you updated.
Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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