October 31, 2010

Spooky weekend

This weekend is Halloween. This holiday is one of my favorites. I really love to decorate the house, and dress up for the holiday. This year with me being pregnant and miserable....I opted not to mess the house up as I have been trying to catch up with cleaning and such since I fell behind from being sick and pregnant. I miss not having all my fun little pumpkin decorations around the house and my cute witches I have. But next year will be great because Riley will be almost one, and at a cute age to dress up.

Last night Chuck and I were able to go to the ward Christmas party. We finished up with his checks at work, and then headed to the party. I had originally planned on dressing up in my teletubbie costume, but alas......Even though it was so cold outside and rainy.....I was dying of heat, and opted not to make it worse with a costume. We had fun at the party, and I helped out as much as I could....which wasn't a whole lot. But Chuck helped out as well, and I really appreciated that. It was really good to see so many friends that I haven't been able to see in months since I have been mostly holed up at home trying to feel slightly human again.

Not much else is going on. Chuck and I didn't even get pumpkins this year. I am a little sad about it, but there is no point in doing it now I guess. And we can save the money and use it towards bills and such. I don't even think we will have trick or treaters this year either. We will probably just hide out in the back of the house and watch a movie together.

Yesterday I did see something that was completely awesome. A teddy Ruxpin bear. I haven't seen one of those since I was a little kid. I was pretty excited when I saw it. It brought back a lot of memories. I never had one as a kid, but I remember seeing the commercials on tv, and wanting one...but I think I was starting to get a little to old for it when it came out. But I got all excited about it, because I can't wait for Riley to have one. lol I want him to have some of the old school toys that I had when I was little. You know the little people, smurfs, and such. Some of the toys now a days seem to old or not very appropriate. I remember one of my favorite toys was this block set we had. I loved building towers with it....and the yellow big blocks were my favorite. Also the tiny blocks that they had in school where you could make little kaleidoscope images was awesome. I just don't think kids need so many high tech toys. Maybe I am being stingy....but I think blocks and toys that make you use your imagination are better.

Well I had better go switch over the laundry. C/ya all later. Love and miss you all.
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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