November 3, 2010

Moving again?

Well we aren't moving yet, but today our 1st Sgt. called the Monitor and asked to swap Chuck's replacement. So that guy would come here, and we would go where he was. The monitor happily chimed in that no he was going to send us to Oki. As much as I would like to be able to go to Okinawa, Japan some day...... I would really prefer not to do it so soon after having a baby. So then the Monitor came back with well his options are Lejeune or 29 Palms. ;0( I would rather go to Camp Lejeune N.C. than 29 palms since Lejeune is a real base, and 29 stumps (as they call it) is more of a crappy place to be. Hmmmmm But Chuck would much rather stay on the west coast. So I am not sure what is in store for us right now. Neither of those choices are what we really wanted. Hopefully things will change by January when we will be receiving our orders, and we will have the opportunity to go to San Diego. You would think after 11 years in the corps, we could maybe have a little say on where we go. But alas!

As the thought of having to move gets closer and closer I start to worry. I have really come to love this area, and have made some good friends here which I know when we move...I will probably never see them again. Sometimes I wish we could just stay here for a while longer. But I know that is not how life works. I worry about where we will end up. If we will find a good neighborhood, and if we can finally find a place to rent that is not an apartment, or have a neighbor attached at one wall. I kind of feel we have done our time in apartments and have earned the opportunity to have an individual place to rent. You know not having to hear the neighbor kids running around at night, or kicking the wall in their sleep and waking us up. It would be great to not have to worry about some one's party being so loud that they might wake up the baby. Am I being silly in wanting these things for my family? I worry about if we will find a good ward again. This ward has really become our family and we feel so comfortable here. The thought of leaving them is very sad. And of course I worry about where we will go. Will I make friends, will I be lonely.

It is such a scary beginning every few years. It feels like we just moved here, and I was so scared of this place. I didn't want to leave San Diego, and I felt like I would never find my favorite little places again. You knot that one place where you like to hang out. The movie theater you both love, and the store where you seem to find everything. This move Chuck and I didn't find that one place where we liked to hang out, but I found a great place to get my hair done, a fantastic Indie bookstore that always seems to have my favorite author coming in for a book signing, and we found some good places to eat like Kinders! ;0) I guess I am one of those control freaks that likes to have things planned out, so I don't have any scary surprises....but I guess that is something I just cannot get living in the military life. lol

Well I will keep my fingers crossed that we will be able to get one of the duty stations we wanted, and that I will be able to be near my friends so that when Chuck deploys I will be able to have some sort of a support system around me instead of feeling so alone.

Love you all so much
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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