November 16, 2010

Baby Shower extravaganza

A little while ago Chuck and I were in Babies R Us and we ran into a friend from the ward....Leah!!! ;0) She just had a sweet little baby girl, and asked me if I was having a baby shower. I told her no, that it had fallen through. She said she wanted to throw me one then...and co host with another friend Beth!!. I have to admit since that night I have been pretty excited. Although I was very scared that no one would come. She contacted me and we set up an evite.....I think I checked that thing like 5 times a day to see who was coming. I was Uber excited. slowly but surely the numbers of Yes's started to rise...and luckily stayed above the ones that said No. I wasn't able to get a hold of everyone, and was sad some people couldn't make it. But I just couldn't wait for it.

As the time approached I was worried that I would get a bunch of things that we didn't need. I have been really trying to budget things to get for Riley each month in, but babies are insanely expensive. lol I didn't want to sound selfish, but how do you try and get things you need? lol

The day of the shower, I couldn't wait for the time. I was a little late but I made it. When I showed up, mostly everyone who was able to make it was there. My Aunt Jan had driven 3 hours just to come!! ;0) And my boss from the Y whom I love so much was able to make it as well. We got some refreshments, and settled in the living room. We started out by playing a word scramble game. I have to admit it.....I was horrible at We started to play another game, and ended up forgetting about it at the end. lol Then everyone introduced themselves and told how they knew me, and gave me parenting advice. That turned out to be pretty funny. We were able to record it on my awesome flip camera that my Auntie Bobbi gave to me to help keep everyone connected throughout my entire pregnancy and as baby grows up. ;0) I have to admit that little camera has come in handy quite a few times now. I will try to find a way to upload it here, but if not I will e-mail it to you if you would like, and post it on facebook.

Next on the agenda was opening gifts and socializing. We spent a few hours chatting opening gifts and having a great time. And I was soooo happy to receive things that I knew we needed for the baby, things I didn't even know I would need....and things that would make life just a little easier. When it was all over....I couldn't believe it was so late. lol It was so fun to see everyone, and to be able to hang out together. It was really awesome to be able to get to know people better.
Here are some pics from that night. Thank you everyone who really meant a lot to me, and it was so fun!!!

Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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