November 25, 2010

Dreams do come true!!

My husband has always wanted a Harley Davidson motorcycle. We have struggled with this over the years on and off. I can't stand those guys that are all hairy, big, and always dressed in black leather. I find it a huge turn off. Also they seem to be crude, and inappropriate. I personally would like to not be married to one of those. So over the years Chuck and I have battled about it back and forth trying to reach some sort of agreement. But alas we just couldn't seem to compromise on anything. Finally this last January Chuck and I found a happy medium that seemed to work for us. We agreed that Chuck and I would get bikes together to share the experience, and with certain no turning into creepy biker people. Our Yukon was almost paid off, and so we would have an extra $600 a month to put toward bikes with a left over $200 extra each month to put towards bills. Chuck also agreed that on my next birthday we would evaluate where we were, and come to some agreement on when we could start a family since we would have been married for 10 years by then.....and I have always wanted children. Chuck was a little hesitant on the kids part, but I think he figured it was something I really wanted, and he was getting something he really wanted. So with that said we came to an agreement over dinner, and looked ahead to the future.

March 15th, 2010 Chuck and I were at Church. Chuck and I were talking to a friend who was telling us a story about how a husband overheard his wife one day at church explaining to a friend why they had never had more children. She said that they had first agreed that they would only have one child and so when they did, she didn't want to go back on her word that she wanted she never brought it up. But the woman secretly always wanted more children. After their first child the husband had gone to the doctor and....snip....snip! As the husband was overhearing the conversation he could hear in his wife's voice how sad she was that they never had more kids. He said he realized how selfish he was being by making his wife live his dreams and not letting her have her dreams. So the husband went with some of his friends and had the snip...snip.... secretly reversed. His wife had no idea. They soon were able to expand their family....and everyone lived happily ever after.
On the ride home from church that day I felt sad, because I knew I would never be able to have a family since my husband did not want any. When we pulled into our driveway Chuck turned to me and started talking. He said I think we should start to try and have a family. I think my draw dropped to the floor at that moment. Well to make this long story a little shorter we started right away and got pregnant. Our Yukon got stolen in April, and when it was recovered Chuck decided to trade it in for a newer one that had OnStar, more safety features, and something he thought would be better for baby.
By doing this......he knew that the Harley's were not going to happen as we would now have a large car payment. But he made the decision on his own. I think his heart broke a little as he came to realize that he probably would not get a bike until our baby was a teenager....and that was still a maybe. But he wanted to do what was best for the family.

Over the last few months we found a way to get Chuck's bike. It took a lot of thinking, and pondering over. But we decided we should take the opportunity that was in front of us. I mean who knows if we would ever have it again. So with a lot of magic, prayers, and fingers crossed......

Chuck got his first Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tuesday night. I unfortunately was unable to get one. And I am having a hard time with it, as I will not be able to share any of these adventures with Chuck. I can't go on rides with him, and cannot enjoy any of this with him. I have to say I am feeling left out. But Chuck is one happy guy. I think he figured it might never happen. But last night we signed the papers, and the bike became his. I recorded his maiden voyage from the bike store home. And it was fun to watch him drive. He couldn't take it out this morning because it was 30 outside.....but he came home this afternoon to get it and take to work to show off. When I see him, he is like a little kid that just received everything he ever wanted. He is soooo happy. I am really happy that he was able to full fill another dream of his.
I do have to say I am very nervous when he is out riding though. He is a new biker, and I am afraid someone won't see him at all. But I just have to pray that they will hear his loud bike coming. I am going to try to upload the video here, if are a few pictures!! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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