November 30, 2010

Lucky Charms and Late nights

Things are going well. I am not sleeping well at all at night. Riley likes to move a lot, and then I seem to have to go to the bathroom every five seconds it seems. Aughhhh it is exhausting. lol But I guess that is to be expected. It seems every night at about midnight.....I am hungry for cold cereal. I don't want anything else but that. ha ha ha And also I have had this weird thing with mixing cereal. Like Lucky charms and honeycombs....or frosted flakes and grape nuts mixed together! lol It sounds a little weird...but it tastes really good. ha ha ha ha

The days are getting a lot colder here. And I know it is not snow, but it seems the daily average lately is between 40-50. Everyone seems to be pretty cold, but I like it a lot. I have been running hotter than normal with this pregnancy, and so to be in the nice cool air feels pretty great. I rarely need a jacket anymore. It does get pretty cold in the house and so I have been building a lot of fires to keep the place nice.

Riley's room is almost complete. Only a few little things left to do. But I must say I lack the motivation to clean. I really want to deep clean this house....but alas....I have been pretty tired from being kept up all night, and so I don't get to much energy to run off of during the day. But I somehow manage to get little things done here and there. I wish I could hire a maid to come help deep clean the house. It would be nice to be able to remove everything from the house and then scrub the walls and the floorboards, and wash the carpets....then as things came back in the house it could all get washed as well.....and I could dejunk the house at the same time. lol It sounds so perfect....but alas it is unrealistic. So I am just trying to slowly figure out how t get the things all done. lol But I am still wishing for a fairy god mother or maid. lol

I went to the doctor yesterday, and things are looking good. Riley had started to really kick and push hard on me, but then these last couple of days I have barely felt any movement. So we had a stress test, and and an ultrasound to see how he is doing. Apparently he moved face down,and so I am not feeling his kicks as much as if he were laying sideways like before. I kind of miss all the activity he was giving me during the day. I dream about him a lot at night. I wish we could go in for one more 3D/4D ultrasound before it is to late, but they are pretty expensive. I just want to sit and stare at him.

I only have a few things left to get for Riley's nursery, and then it will be complete. I am super excited as I have really been enjoying getting all the little odds and ends for his room. Chuck assembled his crib, and it looks a lot better than I thought. And so I got really eager and put his bedding in it as well and have been dressing up his room. lol

Not much else is going on. I need to sell some Scentsy so that I can keep my account active, and also so I can maybe afford some Christmas! I am thinking of maybe hosting another party here in the next two weeks. We will see.

Well that is all for now. Not much else is going on. I will keep you updated as things happen.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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