November 23, 2010

An amazing Baby Website!

I have been pretty frustrated lately in the fact that I was coming to the realization that getting all the little odds and ends that I wanted to have for baby just wasn't going to happen. I guess over the last 10 years while I was waiting for my husband to decide if he really wanted kids or not.....I was planning it all in my head of what I wanted to get for the nursery. Each time we would go in a store......I would see baby items and secretly jot it down in my head that I had to have that for my child someday. But as my due date is getting closer....and the funds seem to be getting smaller.....I was hit with a harsh reality that it wasn't going to work out all hunky dory like I had hoped.
I wouldn't be getting a diaper Genie, or an Ergo baby carrier. I wouldn't be able to have the nap nanny available when baby got colic, or if I just had a picky baby who wanted to sleep on the Nap Nanny. I had looked online at the Exchange store but wasn't finding great things for my child. I checked out a few other stores like Babies 1st, and Comfort 1st. I made a few purchased there with the military star card....but then soon found out they were raising their prices, and buying and shipping it from Amazon. It wasn't really a bargain at all. It was just nice to be able to use the star card.

Yesterday I found a website that has all the things I have been searching for and then some. And to make it even better.....they take the Military Star card. I was pretty darn excited when I found out. Also they had cheaper prices on a lot of items than even Amazon does. It's hard for a family owned business to compete in pricing with such an industry like Amazon. Also they have free shipping on orders of $49 or more!!!! It all sounded to good to be true. I went nuts in this store. I searched everything. I also found that they have a clearance section that has items that have been opened and returned, but are in good condition. Items that have a dent or scratch, items that are discontinued, and items that are just seasonal. I am so in love with this store. So here it is.....Baby Earth!!!
I am not good at blogging yet so I am not sure how to make a picture or a word into a link....but here is the website If the link does not is the plain website:

I would highly recommend all military wives and moms to check out this site...Also please pass it along. It was such a blessing to be able to find the items I really wished for, cheaper than I expected, and to be able to just put it on the star card was amazing!

Love you all.....and happy Holidays!
Andrea Carla

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