October 20, 2010

A lazy day on the couch

Today nothing to eventful is going on. Harley, Paige, and I are hanging out in the living room having a lazy day. Sure there is tons I should be doing like cleaning, laundry, and dishes....but you know sometimes you just don't want to.

Chuck left for Camp Pendleton for 5 days today. He will be missed. He really does take good care of us. The nursery is coming a long pretty well. It still needs a lot of work though. I wish I had my sister's talent when it comes to decorating. LOL

Riley is becoming more and more active. Last night he kept me up most of the night, and I had aches and pains in my lower back, legs, and feet. Thank goodness I was able to take a hot shower at 3am and sit down and relax for a bit. Although it is getting much harder to get up. lol Riley finally kicked hard enough that his daddy felt it for the first time. Although he seems to be shy when it comes time to let the daddy feel the kicks, he sure doesn't mind giving his mommy a good karate chop now and then. ha ha

My Tailbone is slowly healing, and by slowly...I mean it's been a month and I still can't sit directly on it. I always have to prop myself up on my leg, or off to the left side. And I can't sit very long at that. I have been aching to go back to church now that I feel better, but of course there is no way I could sit on those benches for even an hour. I wish it was acceptable to sit on the floor. I am sure no one would say anything, but no one wants to see the crazy pregnant lady laying on the floor at church. lol

Chuck and I have been searching for a couch, and we found one that would fit us perfectly. You see our current couch is a hand me down from the Elders that used to live next to us a few years ago. There is a hole on one side that we always seem to fall in, and sharp pieces of wire sticking out that my feet and legs seem to find. So Chuck and I agreed that it was time to find a new couch before baby came. Because let's face it.....this couch is in bad shape, and looks like it could be carrying some sort of funky disease. lol We found one at Ashley furniture but with the Rent to Own option....it would end up costing us $2,000 more in interest than it initially cost. So we are playing with our options right now to see what we can come up with.

Tomorrow I get to go to Petaluma and listen to author Rick Riordan talk about his new book that was just released, and to hopefully get all my Percy Jackson books signed by him. I am not a fan of driving to new places alone, but I think this will be a really awesome opportunity, and He is a very popular author.

Well that is all for now. Not much else is going on. Talk to you all soon.
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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