October 12, 2010

Ramblings of a crazy pregnant lady

I woke up early today, but I feel like crawling back into bed and never waking up. The last few nights I haven't slept to well, and Riley has been kicking me awake lately. A friend yesterday warned me that she thought this was to prepare me for what was to come....but in reality I have no idea what I am up against. But I still remember the sleepless nights of sleeping on the hospital room floor so my friend who had just had her baby could get rest while I took care of her newborn. I fed him, and got up with him all through the night. Now I did go home and sleep during the day and someone else took the day shift with her, but I remember almost being in tears because he wouldn't stop crying and I was trying to keep him quiet so mom could sleep.....and the one thing that kept him quiet.....Mom snuggling with him. lol go figure.

A lot of people keep laughing at Chuck and I as we tell people our little plans or routine that we would like to have for Riley. I know Riley is going to make his own schedule....but it doesn't hurt to have some sort of a game plan to shoot for, instead of feeling like you are running around with your head cut off. lol

The Marine Corps Ball is coming up next month, and I am nervous. I am scared I won't be able to find a gown that will not make me look like I am wearing a circus tent, and I am afraid of how much this thing will cost. Normally I don't have a problem shelling out a few hundred dollars for a gown. But this year I would rather spend my money on my little Riley man. I am excited though, because Chuck will be this years narrator. I think that is what he is. He will be making the announcements, and guiding us through the ceremony. Unfortunately that means I spend the whole ceremony all by me onesies.....but I am excited to see him at work. I am hoping I can take my flip, and record it, so all my friends and family can finally see how awesome our Ball is. But keep in mind this is a significantly smaller ball compared to when he is in the fleet.

Some of the Marine Corps wives have been telling me about this dress shop in Brentwood called His and Hers formal wear. They keep telling me I have to go because the prices are so cheap, and the dresses are so great. But I hate to get my hopes up because rarely is it that a dress shop carries the sizes I need, or the type of modest dress I require. So I reluctantly called them this morning, and what do you know....they carry sizes up to 30!!! And......they carry maternity dresses!!!!! Yippity Skippity!!!!! I am a little excited to be able to go try some on and see what we can find for me. Although I am still hesitant to get my hopes up.

Yesterday I pulled the ultimate crazy pregnant lady stunt. I awoke not long after Chuck had gone into work to use the gym from a very bad dream. I have had some whacked out dreams lately, but this one seems to rotate through all of them. So I called Chuck just to hear his voice and be reassured. He laughed at me told me I was cute, and he loved me. I drifted back to sleep for a little bit, and then woke back up not long after. I texted Chuck that Riley and I were hungry and we should eat something. Chuck didn't respond. He had also said he would only be a few hours working out, and then would be home. He had now been gone 4 hours. So I waited a while and then called him. No answer. Then I texted him again, and no answer. It had now been half an hour since I had first texted Chuck....I was wondering what was going on, because he usually is very prompt at responding. After a while longer I kept calling and calling. I called the shop, I called his friends house whom he was hanging out with, and got no answer from any of the numbers. I was really starting to get worried as it had now been an hour since I had first tried to contact him. So on kicked the crazy pregnant ladies mind. I started to worry that something was wrong. All sorts of scenarios starting going through my head....and I have a very big imagination..... Then I started to worry about it he had been in a car accident. I was ready to call the cops or the hospital by now. But I didn't want to be to crazy. So I changed, pulled my hair back and ran out the door and jumped in my car. I haven't driven in a while, and especially since i hurt my tailbone....it was a challenging drive. Just as I was pulling around the corner to Chuck's shop, he calls me. He had left his phone in another room, and couldn't hear it. Grrrrrr.....so I drove into the shop feeling silly. I really was worried though. Chuck and his friend were talking and thought it was funny. So we ended up all going out to lunch together at Denny's since I had a hankering for a Moons over my Hammy sandwich. We all had a nice visit, but I sat way to long in that booth, and my tailbone was killing me.

Someone bought a Marine Corps Warmer from me yesterday, and so after we were done with lunch I headed straight over to Babies R Us and used it to pay for half of a diaper bag. It's not the one I wanted, but it will do. While I was in the store, I ran into a friend from church who offered to throw me a baby shower here for my ward family. I am very excited, but a little scared that no one will show up. But hey I guess it's worth a try right? ;0)

Not much else is going on here. Chuck and I have pretty much got my craft room cleaned out, and baby stuff moved in. I will miss my craft room very much, and am sad to see it go, but on the upside....I am excited to start putting Riley's room together. ;0) And it means I get to go through everything we have collected and play with it again. ;0) We will need so many little odds and ends to complete things, but we have a few months left. ;0)

Well I guess I should go for now, and try to clean up the house a little, or do something constructive today. lol

I love and miss you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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