January 18, 2011

Another year older

So another Birthday has come and gone. This year we didn't do anything again. I picked out a great cake for my birthday it was a chocolate and mint Boston Cream pie.....and it tastes like HEAVEN!!!!

Chuck isn't really into the whole celebrating birthdays thing......so we don't ever do anything for them. But I can't wait for Riley's birthday....because I am going to go over the top with his. I love birthdays and I think they should be a very big deal. I always wanted a surprise party and have never had one....so I am going to make sure my little Riley bug gets a few pretty awesome birthdays!! ;0)

I woke up to a great breakfast in bed. Chuck made me eggs, potatoes, and bacon! It tasted so great! My tummy was making funny growling sounds all day and Chuck was howling with laughter a few times. ha ha ha
We spent the day hanging out around the house not doing to much. And for dinner Chuck took me to get a sandwich from Kinders!!! I love Kinders and so this was the perfect Birthday dinner. Chuck didn't want to watch the movie I have been dying to see called Case 39.....so we watched Toy Story 3 instead while we ate some amazing Mint Boston cream pie!!

I have no idea what the big deal was with Toy Story 3. And I do not agree with how it won Best Animated film at the Golden Globes. I feel even stronger that it should not have beat out How To Train Your Dragon!!!! I just didn't think it was all that and a bag of chips. Maybe it's because I wasn't in the mood to watch it, or I just feel miserable and pregnant. But it really wasn't that great. I would go as far as saying I was a little disappointed in it. I even thought that the extras on the DVD were better than the movie itself.

So that was my day. Nothing huge or amazing. But it was relaxing.....AND....Chuck installed the car seat in the Yukon!!!

That's all for now
XoXo-Andrea Cardon

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