January 1, 2011

New Year

Wow it came so fast. This new year really has snuck up on me and I was not anticipating it's arrival so soon. Although I must say I am very excited for all the new adventures that lay ahead for me and my family.
I want to tell everyone to open this year with open arms. Look at the possibilities that lay ahead of you and roll with the punches thrown your way. Accept responsibility for your faults, and own your flaws. Stop pushing people away....it won't stop things from happening to you. But you can keep them at a safe distance. Try something new, and throw away a bad habit. If you smoke stop.....it does nothing for you. It does not give you a happy feeling like a drink might, and it makes you look leathery as you age. Do it for your parent's, your siblings, your spouse, and your kids. Don't be selfish and make them watch as you die of lung cancer. If you love them.....stop now so you can be a part of their lives longer.

And most importantly..........

To my fellow freaks and Geeks..............LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY!!!!!

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