January 10, 2011

No Optimism

Today I had another Dr. appointment. Riley and I had a good conversation before we went in about how I would be showing signs of labor. I wasn't putting to much pressure on the little man but just asking him to show some sort of a sign that he is getting ready to move on out soon.

So we went in and once again the Dr. said I wasn't ready. He was not seeming optimistic that Riley was going to be able to come out on his own. He said my cervix is thick and hard, and he said that it would take Magic to get Riley out. So he scheduled to induce me on January 22. I am not to sure how I feel about it yet, but he wanted to schedule me to at least give me a spot on his schedule....and then he says I can cancel if I change my mind.

I think I am just feeling overwhelmed with everything! I mean my house is no where near where it needs to be to be ready for baby, and......I am not feeling like I am going to get the help I need from the Man Husband. So I am stressing out. And then on top of that my MIL wants to come out and I have to say I an not okay with that at all! So my stress level is a little high right now. Aughhhhhhhhh

Well I will keep you updated if anything changes....Hopefully things improve a little.

XoXo-Andrea Carla


  1. Great to hear from you. Tiff said she went to your baby shower. Congrats on your little baby. Kids are the best! Can't wait to hear more.

  2. I'm sorry :( I will pray that things turn out for the better and everything will fall into place peacefully. Love you and I'm here if you need anything.