January 14, 2011

Riley is getting ready!!

The last few days I have really been feeling the pressure from Riley. It gets to the point where it even hurts to try and put on or kick off one of the legs of my pants. I have a lot of lower pain from Riley. I am not to sure what it is, but it sure can hurt.

Today Chuck helped me around the house a little....(Thank goodness) And we got a few more tasks that needed to be accomplished. Then we ran to Target so I could find a shirt to be comfy in at the hospital, and picked up some last minute things. I really think I might have everything ready to go. All that needs to be done now, is some last minute cleaning, and install the car seats in both cars. ;0)

I am thinking that Riley is really working on making a break for it. Today so far I had 3 contractions in one hour. One of them was pretty powerful as well. So we will see if I make it to the end of the week or not.

Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla


  1. We are getting so excited! I know you have so much going on but please please please when the going gets going keep me updated via text or fb or whatever. I wanna be able to pray along with you in your journey. I love you so much! I really think you are gonna be a wonderful Mom.

  2. YAY! How exciting! You'll never experience anything more powerful, spiritual and overwhelmingly emotional than the birth of a baby. That's the only thing I will miss since I got my tubes tied. The birth of your miracle...It will amaze you that you two created such a perfect human being. I'm so excited for you! I hope you don't go so fast that you can't get an epideral though :) Good luck! and CONGRATS!