January 17, 2011

Getting Closer

Wow I can't believe how close Riley's arrival is getting. In less than a week I am going to be a mommy. lol Granted I feel like that already with two dogs, a man husband, sometimes a bunch of needy Marines. But this time it will be different. Granted I have had nanny jobs, helped friends with their kids.....but it will be very different to have my own little man to take care of.

I am not scared about his arrival, but I am scared about if I am making the right decision or not (to take him a few days early). It can feel a little overwhelming knowing that one little decision could be a mistake or not. But I know that having him in our family is the right decision. ;0)

The house is almost ready. I just need Chuck to clean the bathrooms, and we need to install the car seats, and make sure the car is clean, and clean the carpets. Other than that.....it is for the most part pretty clean. A few little things to tidy.....but clean none the less. It isn't the spotless that I want, but it will do.

All of Riley's clothing, bedding and everything else is washed and put away. This kid has more clothing than Chuck and I together. lol I have all his toys together and put away. I have my to go bag all ready and packed. I have Riley's bag ready to go, with a blanket and little odds and ends.
We have his paperwork all printed and ready to add him to the Ins. and to apply for his military ID card. Someone from our church is going to come give me a blessing before the pushing begins. My visiting teacher has some meals planned out for us so that they will be delivered for a few weeks so we can focus on Riley and finding a routine, instead of focusing on cleaning and cooking. ;0)

I have read all the books, magazines, and watched all the YouTube videos I possibly can. I feel as prepared as I can be now. I really don't think that I have missed anything, but who knows. I have talked to all my friends and family and asked about things they forgot about, or needed, or what not......and I feel I have really covered all my bases and am very prepared. But of course we will see. lol

Well that is all for now....Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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