January 5, 2011

I think I can......I think I can.....

I keep telling myself that I think I can make it a little longer. Riley has grown so much that I am feeling like he may burst out at any moment. So in other words.....quarters are getting real tight around here. lol

I had another Dr.'s appointment on Monday the 3rd. I was fine when we went in, but after being there for almost 2 hours and getting poked and prodded so much....Riley and I weren't doing as great. Also when the Dr. was doing the exam.....He stated that it would take magic to get Riley out. Ummmm what is that supposed to mean? So on kicked the worry-o-meter!!! He said I was still closed pretty tight so Riley wouldn't be making a debut soon. We also had a stress test to see how things were going and that is when Riley really got poked a lot. The stress test took forever because he didn't like it and wouldn't hold still long enough to get the 17 markers on the test. So the nurse and the Dr. and the intern would come in and poke at him.....and well that led to a bad rest of the day.
By the time I got home.....I was really hurting. Like cramps hurting. I just had a low dulling pain in my tum tum. As the day progressed it kept getting worse. Soon it hurt a lot to even walk. Standing hurt and then lifting a leg to take a step really hurt. So every time I would visit the little girls room.....I wound up shuffling to the bathroom. aughhhh I was starting to worry that something just wasn't really right. But I didn't want to bother my Dr. again. And especially after the whole Tahoe ordeal where I was just told to go to the ER. and all it turned out to be was a problem breathing due to elevation, and ligament strain. I didn't want to go to the ER and just be laughed at for being the typical 1st time pregnant mommy who worries over nothing. So I did what any girl would do.......I called my sister!

I texted her actually since it was about 10 p.m. her time and i didn't want to wake her, or her kids if they were all tucked in bed. So I texted her to call me if she was still up. She called right away and said I didn't wake her. (phew!!) We chatted for a while and she made me feel a whole heck of a lot better as to what was going on. And she reassured me that a lot of the things I am feeling is normal pregnancy pains. I felt so relieved after we talked. So Chuck rolled over and went to sleep seeing how I felt better about the situation.....and I rolled over to play some solitaire since I wasn't really feeling that sleepy yet. A little while later Riley decided to have a major jam session in my tummy. Really he was rocking out or something.....I felt Lot's of kicks and moving around. Jumping around I am sure of it......a little macarena dance or the Electric slide as well. ha ha ha
As soon as he was done doing that I had a sudden urge to visit the little girls room. After I was still aching a little so I opted to put my chair in the shower and soak up some of that therapeutic hot water. I probably was in there for half an hour....but when I came out of the shower I felt soooooo much better.
Turns out my little Riley bug was somehow laying or putting pressure on my intestine.....and it was causing pain! lol I am so so glad I didn't go to the hospital for them to tell me I was full of crap and to go home!

I have been having contractions about once a day...sometimes twice....but that is all for now....(knock on wood!) And even though I am aching to roll up my sleeves to clean.....I am so so tired I just don't have the energy for it or motivation! What am I supposed to do? I wish so badly I had help to clean. And it's not like there is a lot to do....It is mostly organizing and tidying up the house, and cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. Aughhh the stress!!!!

Not much else is going on here. It is just a hurry up and wait game for us. I am so eager to meet my little Riley bug. I have waited so long for this.....and truly believed that I would never have children, and this day would never happen. It is so amazing to know that it is going to happen for me.

Well that is all for now..
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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