January 9, 2011

Things they are a changing!

So I have noticed small changes lately. It is starting to hurt more when I walk, and I am pretty sure my Riley Bug is moving further down on his way to move out. I am also showing other signs of getting closer to the big D-Day.

Riley has been moving around a lot lately. Some days he is all about ricking out in my tum tum.....and other days he is more interested in sleeping the day away. He does keep me awake most nights. Between visiting the little girls room, and my little Riley bug having a party in his room.......I haven't been getting much sleep. Lately I have been falling asleep around 1 a.m. and then waking every half hour or hour. Then I usually wake up around 6:30 or 7 a.m. and fall back asleep around 9 or 10 a.m. and wake up again every half hour or so. I have to say it is getting a little frustrating. I am sooooo tired. And I am afraid the circles under my eyes might start scaring my husband as they keep getting darker and darker. YIKES!!

I know that Riley needs to incubate a little longer....but I just want him to get out of my tummy so I can meet him!!! ;0)

I have another Dr. appointment in the morning.....let's hope he has some good news for me. I mean I only have two weeks left about! ;0)

Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. Praying he will make an appearance very soon :)