December 7, 2010

Praise for amazing J

A friend of mine just had her baby last week. Now I have never hung out with this girl, nor did I ever go to school with her. But....Chuck did, and I even think he had a crush on her when he was a kid. lol (Sorry for ousting you babe.) I first met this girl when we took Jenny to drop her off at the Army recruiters. I saw a kid I went to middle school with and we said hi. We had dated in early middle school. And it was that note passing kind of didn't talk to your boyfriend.....and you would never even think about holding hands with him.....ewwwww! So when I saw him as an adult at the recruiters, he introduced me to his wife, and we said hello. He said he was in the Marines, and that was about the extent of our conversation. I saw her again at Jenny's graduation, and that was it. Next time I heard about her, Chuck had told me that he had seen her working at our Bank at Camp Pen. We would see each other every time we went to the bank and I would purposely go to her window because she was a familiar face and she knew Chuck. The next time I saw her was back in Logan. We ran into her over Christmas break and she was working in a store we stopped into. She told us she had left her jerky husband and was now making it on her own as a single mom. I thought very highly of her for doing so. It's not easy being a single mom, and to do it in Logan I am sure is even harder. Every time we would travel home Chuck and I would try to seek her out and see how she was. We would talk about her sometimes and wonder how her life was going. A little over a year ago we found each other on facebook and I have to say this woman has spun gold out of the straw she was given. I think she is amazing. She went back to school got a degree and has made herself a nice career for herself. She has gracefully handled things with her Ex, and has become a beautiful independent woman. She could have chosen to live with the folks forever, and become an overweight depressed person. But she never did that. She is amazing. Then she found herself a good man who would treat her right, and respect her. Who would hold her up high, not be threatened by her light and success. Last week they had a baby boy together....and he is amazingly handsome. And I am not just saying that. He has fat little Cheeks that you just want to pinch, and perfect skin. He is soooo handsome. So I just wanted to say Congrats beautiful lady. I think you are amazing! You always seem put together, you always have something funny to say, and I must say your style is beautiful! I look up to you and all your accomplishments and think you are a good person. ;0) Enjoy your new little man...he is handsome!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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