December 24, 2010

Just call me Scrooge!!

I have not been feeling the holiday spirit this year. I wish I was, but for Thanksgiving I wasn't in the mood for the whole dinner thing. My sweet Husband really came through, and he cooked the entire Thanksgiving dinner all by his onesies!! ;0)

And unfortunately this year for Christmas I am just not feeling the spirit. Sure I want to buy my husband tons of gifts, and such. But the desire to decorate the tree and have to clean it up after, and even thinking of making a huge Christmas dinner for the two of us just seems a little overwhelming. I am just not feeling it. So we have a HUGE wonderful smelling Christmas tree right now with one ornament on it, and one strand of Tinsel. lol Yah we are pretty festive here. ha ha ha ha

Chuck and I decided to not do the whole presents thing this year. We wanted to catch up on Bills, and just get last minute things for our Riley bug. ;0) I hate that I won't be able to give Chuck a huge Christmas, but we don't need to really spend a lot of money on junk we don't need. ha ha ha

This year we have received more family Christmas cards than we have in the last 10 years!! It has been so fun to get all of these cards. I only wish we had been able to get a card made this year. But next year we will really have a cute card as Riley will almost be a year old.

Well that is all for now. I really hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Holidays, and a Wonderful New Year!!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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