December 21, 2010

Sleep schmeep!!

Last night was a very lively night! lol I did not get any sleep really at all.....And Chuck got a lot. But Riley was Uber active the entire night. Chuck woke up and I put his hand on my tummy....I would say for about an hour Riley was just jamming out in my tummy and Chuck got to feel the whole thing. It was fun to feel, but at the same time my whole body was aching. Riley was jamming out, or having a pretty intense karate lesson in my tum tum!

It went on all night long!!! So as much as I needed it and wanted it......I did not get good sleep last night. However for a few hours this morning he toned down on his rocking out, and let me sleep for just a little bit before he started being active again. lol
I love my little Riley Bug, but gosh......He is wearing me out!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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