December 9, 2010

Marine Toys for Tots - Are You Santa?

I love this commercial! Don't forget that this year is especially hard for some families. If you can, please donate to your local Toys for Tots, or toy drive.

Remember when you were little what it was like finding toys from Santa? What if you were a child who came down and found nothing? One year my Aunt who is a retired operator received a phone call at the center from some children early Christmas morning. It was a young child who was worried because when they woke up Christmas morning there were no gifts......Her single mom was busy and still at work and this child didn't know what to do. Santa had forgot to come, and she didn't know what to tell her siblings when they woke up why Santa didn't come....they had all been good! The call center got together, and had Christmas delivered to this family. But what about all the other kids who think Santa forgot about them? They were good all year, wrote Santa a list, and waited patiently. What will they tell the other kids at school when asked what Santa brought them?

Please donate a new unused toy this year, and make this Christmas amazing for a child and family! ;0)

Thanks all
XoXo=Andrea Carla

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