December 26, 2010

Our last little Christmas

So this year marked our last little family Christmas Chuck and I will ever have. We didn't to anything yesterday. We were both so happy to be able to just vege out and be complete couch potatoes all day. Chuck and I had agreed that we would not spend anything on each other for Christmas. We thought that it would be best to save the money instead for things we will need for our little Riley bug.

Chuck bought a great Christmas tree, but we lacked the time, energy, and ability to get to our Christmas decorations. So we used what we had to decorate. Yah I know it looks a little pathetic. But it is better than our Ivy plant tree we had a few years ago. lol It is the best we could do at this time. Since my craft room got packed up and made into our Riley bugs nursery.....all my craft stuff went into boxes and filled the rest of the garage. Well that made it impossible to get to things like Christmas decorations. But you know it is probably for the best. That way we can get things cleaned up and out of the way so that I can really get working on making the house look nice.

So since we weren't doing anything for Christmas this year, Chuck let me sleep in a little. I was so happy to be able to get some more sleep than I have been as of late. I woke up about 8 a.m. and stumbled to the kitchen to make some chow. Then I came back into the living room with Chuck, and we talked a little while I ate my breakfast. Then we opened the gifts sent from my family and in the middle of it I noticed something on our Christmas tree. I turned to look at it and noticed a Tiffany's bag hanging from the branches of the tree. I wasn't sure what to think or say. I mean we had agreed not to spend money on each other. It was killing me that I wasn't getting something for Chuck, but I was really thinking I can make up for it for his birthday. A thousand things were running through my mind. Did he just grab one of the old Triffany bags that I had kept? Is it really Tiffany's? Should I be excited? I wasn't really sure what to do or how to react. I was just looking at Chuck for some guidance on what to do. He got up and went to get it for me. Mainly because my jumping off of the couch days are gone for now. I really have a hard time getting off of the couch. He brought over the bag and I looked inside Sure enough it was that pretty blue box with a red ribbon on it this time. ;0) I couldn't believe it!!! I kind of gave a little squeal. ha ha I mean how did he do this? When did he do this? Nothing had shown up on the bank account so how did he pull this off? Well apparently he is very sneaky!!! So I opened it all up and thought it was pretty awesome what he got. It is a beautiful pendant that can be attached to my Tiffany charm bracelett, or I can use it as a necklace. It says Mom on the front, and then he bought engraving so I can have Riley written on the back. ;0)
What Chuck did is so sweet and loving. He didn't want anything for Christmas so he convinced me that it was best if we didn't go all out for Christmas. lol So that gave him the opportunity to do something all sneaky and sweet!! I still felt horrible that I didn't get him anything. And I wish I could just pull something out and give it to him. He can do things sometimes that completely catches me off guard. I really wasn't expecting a gift from him....let alone something from Tiffany's!!!! He can really surprise me when he wants to. lol And to top it all off......he just hid it by placing it on his workbench in the garage. lol Since I am so large and pregnant.....I don't fit well in the narrow little isle in the garage anymore. So he was literally able to put it in plain view, and I would never have found it. lol Sneaky guy!!!

The rest of the day was literally spend being as lazy as possible. I mean we really didn't do anything. My amazing man husband made the entire Christmas dinner. My body has really been aching the last few days and so Chuck let me take a small nap and relax. He got the turkey in the cooker, cooked and mashed up the potatoes, and made the stuffing and corn. He opened up the can of olives, and made everything perfect!! He is so sweet. Normally I am the one really pushing for Holiday spirit, and the one to get things going. I thought it was very sweet and amazing for him to really make things happen where I did not have the energy or motivation to do it this year. I am really thankful that he did this for me. He is such a great an amazing man!!

So this is our last year to have a Christmas with just the two of us. For 10 Christmases I have struggled a little to be able to make Christmas feel like it did when I was a kid. But next year I will really be able to start some of those big traditions that I had growing up. Our little Riley bug will be 11 months or so by then and so he will be at a good age to get that he is getting a gift. Granted he won't understand thw whole Santa thing yet......but the year after that he will be at the perfect age to understand it more. I am so excited to make a big deal out of Santa and his reindeer next year. And to start those fun traditions of opening one gift on Christmas Eve and such. It is really going to be fun.

Well that is all for now. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday with their family and friends.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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