December 11, 2010

Blog to Book

So I have for sure decided to publish my blog to a book for the year of 2010. I looked around at a few sites that publish, and only found one that I really liked. I uploaded my blog to one of the sites to see how much it would cost, and so far for about 200+ pages, and Lot's of pictures in a hardbound format with color it is looking to be a little over $100. It does seem a little pricey to me, but so far it is looking really nice. And You know it is better than my hand written journals. It isn't as personal as my normal journals, but I think it will do just fine. I also know now that I can upload movie tickets as pictures and post those in as well like I would normally glue them into my journal. The only difference is I normally have a picture as my backdrop in my journals and I don't think I can with this.
Normally I take some of my coloring books, and clip out some of the pics I like. Then I trace it onto my journal page before writing, and then color with colored pencils. Then I write my entry alternating in a Pink, Purple, or Turquoise color (each day a different color with the 3). I love hand writing, but lately I find myself so uncomfortable with being pregnant that I can't really sit still long enough to get a good entry in. But thanks to my Uber fast typing skills, I can whip out a blog entry pretty fast. Also I can type laying on my side, back, or even sitting up. I can't stand my handwriting in some of those other positions. lol

If anyone else has tried this, let me know how your book turned out. I would love to hear your tips and advice on what you like and didn't, and what you would have done differently. I am also thinking of creating a softbound book of some of my favorite craft ideas from others blogs. That way I have all those awesome ideas in one location. ;0)

That's all for now.
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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