December 22, 2010

Nesting VooDoo Powers

So everyone has told me about this nesting thing I will get as it gets down to the wire and baby is about to arrive......all the mommies have raved about how nice it is to get that little burst of energy at the end to help them complete everything. But you know...I have yet to see any of this nesting Voodoo power of energy everyone talks about.
Last night Riley did let his mommy sleep for a little bit, and I can tell you it was greatly appreciated. I have been hurting pretty bad with sleep happening here and there. I was able to get some dishes done yesterday, and a few things picked up...but that is all. I really need the help from a maid before Riley comes. I have no clue how I am going to get everything else done.

Here are some things that need to be done, or bought still:

1- Stroller for Riley......I found one I love, but have yet to get the funds for it. It's the Baby Trend Expedition LX- Elixer

2-two crib sheets, and 2 mattress protectors.

3-changing pad cover

4-2 bobby covers

5-The amazing Pee Pee TeePee's

6-warm mist humidifier

7-baby book

8-Nursing bra (how do you size these things?)

9-baby first aid kit (what do I need to have on hand?)

10-a piddle pad

Now those 10 things are what I deem we need before baby arrives. Granted to some of you they may not be necessary, but for a first time mommy they seem a little important to me. Of course we still have our wants Like a car seat base for the baby carrier for the Yukon. And fun little things like that, but for the most part we are almost set!!

For the things that are left to do....Here are a few things:

1-Deep clean kitchen

2-Deep clean both bathrooms. Floorboards and all

3-make sure no bugs are in Riley's room

4-floorboards and dusting upkeep in Living Room

5-Upkeep in Master bedroom

6-finally get caught up on laundry

7-finish nursery

8-hang pics sitting on dining table

9-upkeep in kitchen

10-clean out cars, and install car seat

I have tried to narrow down the things to do, and the things to buy down to 10 things each. But to me it seems soooo overwhelming!!! I mean I have only 5 weeks left until Riley will be making his big Debut!! That seems really soon to me, and I feel so unprepared.


So I am just mildly starting to freak out. I am one of those people who really wants to be as prepared as possible. I try to plan ahead for all the little bumps along the way. I know I can't really be prepared for all of this, and it is going to hit me like a ton of bricks and there will probably be lot's of crying and exhaustion on my part......but hey one can try right? lol I just wish I had a little extra help to get me as close as possible to my goal. Where is my fairy god mother when I need one? And not to mention this whole getting new orders soon and the thought of having to move just months after having a baby is weighing heavily on me now. Is there any hope? I just need someone to help a little, and to keep me going. It is so easy to just lay down when I start to hurt and then not get back to doing chores....I need someone to help me by cracking the whip a little and make me work! lol HELP!!!

Well that is all for now. I will keep you updated on my not so sane journey! lol
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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