December 16, 2010

Why do I Try?

I haven't really written lately, but here is some catching up I will fill you in on.

On Tuesday the 14th I had another Dr. appointment. Things went pretty well. The Dr. was going to do a girly exam on me and I wasn't having it. All I ask for is a little warning you know! It's not that hard for someone to give you a heads up!! lol So I will be having some tests done to make sure I am doing well in getting ready for D-Day. ;0) The heartbeat was good and strong, and I even lost a few pounds. lol
After my appointment, Chuck got me some Taco Bell and took me home so he could go back to work. I needed to run some errands in town so I was going to attempt to drive around town. I haven't really been driving lately as I didn't feel safe to do so. But I had signed up for a Military Wives secret Santa swap and so I needed to pick up supplies to make my gift for my Secret Santa. So I ate my lunch, and rested for a little bit then headed out to my car to hit up Michael's. I tried to unlock my car with the key ring clicker, but it wouldn't work. So I did it manually. Then I turned the key.....and got nothing!!! I tried and tried to turn over the car and it just wasn't even making a sound...not even a clicking sound. I called Chuck, and he figured I had a dead battery. I figured it was that, or maybe our pet squirrels had chewed something off on it. If squirrels were the problem...I was really thinking of making some squirrel soup for dinner. lol
So Chuck got out of work and came home without his usual workout and jumped my car. As it turned out the Man Husband had left the hatch open on my car, and it left the light on, which in turn drained my battery. But to be fair.....he opened it because he was getting donation items out of my car that I couldn't lift. lol
So we ran around town and bought some craft supplies at a few craft stores, and then came home and crashed. It was to late to start my projects so I would just have to punch them all out the next day.

The donation items were picked up outside despite the rain...but they left our couch we had donated outside!!! So the couch was ruined!! Luckily our Home teacher came and helped us by carrying it out of the house, and then disposing of the wet thing when it wasn't taken. ;0)

I woke up the next morning ready to start my crafting day. I had woken up and and was still sitting in bed. I wanted to check my e-mail first so I leaned over the bed to pick up my laptop, and ended up hurting my stomach really bad. It was sooooo painful! I have no idea what I did, but I had to lay down for a while because I was hurting just when I moved. So when I started feeling a little better I sat on the floor in the living room and started my crafts. I crafted literally all stinking day. I had so many great ideas and followed all the directions perfectly. Well at the end of the day the ornaments I made did not turn out so well. They looked really awful! It looked like a kid made them not an adult! ;0( I was near tears as I looked at everything and realised that these could not be given as a gift as they looked horrid. So I caved and bought my secret Santa some Scentsy from my website. I had remembered reading that she liked it. I e-mailed the person in charge of it all, and told her that I had completed my end. She e-mailed me back and said.....You do know this person is also a Scentsy consultant right?!!!!! Aughhhhhh I am such a failure!! I had thought I had picked out something cute and nice for her and in reality I hadn't!!! Why do I even bother to try? I feel like such an idiot!!! I hadn't noticed that she was also a consultant. Oh well.....she will either like it, or be able to add it to her stock and sell it. lol

Well that is all for now.
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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