December 19, 2010

What have I been up to this week?

Chuck and I bought a couch last month because our other one was a hand me down, and was so worn out that when you sat on it, it would swallow you. Also it had metal sticking out of it that I seemed to always hurt myself on. So the couch really needed to go. Especially with our new little man making his big debut soon. Also it just didn't feel like a clean couch to be on. So we shopped around for a little while and then found one we liked. We waited until black Friday and got a good deal on it. The couch just got delivered this week. It took forever for it to get here. But it looks so nice and we are really trying to keep the dogs off of it so that it can stay nice and no dog nails go through the fabric. It is going to be a challenge to keep the dogs off of the couch, but we are working hard at it.

This week I have gone to Chuck's work several times and helped out with Toys for Tots. I can't do to much, but I am able to help a little. I help as long as I can until my back starts to hurt really bad or my leg goes numb. Then I sit for a bit and once all is well again I get back up and go help again. Everyone has seemed to be freezing out in the bay where the toys are kept, but I have a built in heater lately and can't even stand to wear long sleeves. So I am warm as can be working outside even though it has been raining most of the week.

On Thursday this week our friend and fellow Marine Sgt. Masterson got the award for NCO of the year. We drove to Brentwood to see him receive the award from the Marine Corps League, and they also had a dinner catered for the meeting. It was really nice and fun. Masterson has really worked hard since he has arrived at this unit. He is a good Marine, and a good guy. Those are hard to come by sometimes. We really like him and respect him. So we hung out for dinner, and One of the Marine Corps League's wives crocheted me a beautiful baby blanket and hat for Riley! I thought that was so sweet of her. I have only met her once before really and I guess she thinks well enough of Chuck and I to count us as family since that is what she called us. lol ;0) It was a good evening....and what made it even better.......The Captain was rooting for the 49 Niners game and we were rooting for the Chargers....and the Chargers killed the Niners!!! lol It was a massacre! And it was fun to give the Captain a hard time about it. lol But it was fun hanging out with the Captain and getting to know him better. He seems like a good guy who is pretty laid back, but is still interested enough in his job that he wants things to run well at his shop.

Well that is all for now
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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