February 27, 2010

Bye Bye Birdies

I feel so awful when I have to do this, but this little girl and her boyfriend are like bunny rabbits! So almost weekly I am taking her babies from her. I used to let them hatch, and it was very fun to watch the entire process. But alas I don't have enough room in the cage for more birds. Well I mean I guess I could. But then we have brothers and sisters, and mom's and dad's hooking up, and that is no good at all. So for now I am the bad guy and removing the eggs. I love finches. You don't need to spend time earning their trust so they will sit on your finger. You don't have to listen to their angry screeching like you would with parakeets, or cockatiels. They have a very beautiful little song and I love hearing them all the time. They never are annoying.

The Zebra finch with their Orange beaks are beautiful and fun. But by far my favorite is the society finch male. He is so fierce and and bold. He is so protective of his girl, and I love that. Also the Male's have the best looking hair!!! Their little mop on top is so messed up, and it makes me love them even more. ;0) Here are a few pics of my little babies!! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla
A palace! ;0)

Mom and her babies....

The Boys....so protective

The girls. They are so cute!

Society Finch Male He is so handsome. ;0)


  1. Wow! They have so many eggs. They are cute. I didn't realize you were such a bird lover. Nice

  2. Oh yes...I love them. Yah I get 5-6 eggs a week. So if you ever want any birds, let me know, and I can let her hatch one or two of them. ;0) They are very easy to keep.

  3. I wish we lived closer, cause I would totally take some. We used to keep nun finches and we loved them, there was a huge thunderstorm one day and they were frightened to death.

  4. Oh wow, I didn't know they could get scared to death. That is awful...but I did giggle a little bit as well. Poor little birdies!

    Yah if anyone wants some birds, let me know! ;0)