February 22, 2010

Death of the Peeps!

I am not sure which Chuck likes more....Peeps, Cotton Candy, or his wife! lol What I am certain of, is that he can't get enough of the first 2. ha ha I bought him some Peeps the other day while I was out in town, because he has such a mad love for them. He was very happy with this!!

Yesterday it was pretty darn cold. Before church Chuck ran over to a friends house to get some firewood so we could build a nice roaring fire for the evening. When we got home from Church, I set to work of warming up my 2nd attempt at Aubin's recipe, and Chuck went in the garage to chop some firewood. We had a roaring fire for most of the evening, and once it had died down a bit, Chuck was stirring the coals, and wished out loud that he wished we had some marshmallows to make smoars. ;0) He spun around and looked at me and said "We Do!!!!!" He grabbed one of his Peeps, stuck it on a hot dog roaster, and stuck it in the fire. I thought the thing was going to go up in flames, and waited for it, but it never did. It just turned into a pile of goo, and Chuck was soooo pleased. ha ha ha Here are a few pics of his Peep goodness he made! He was quite pleased with himself.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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