February 16, 2010

There and Back again!

I have so much to share, but I do have to point out that I saw a street today named: Shire Rd. I would love to live in The Shire! lol

Today was my first real trip to Sacramento. Now I have driven by the city before, but this was the real thing this time! Chuck took me to the Sacramento Temple, and dropped me off so I could attend a session. I barely made it to the 12 o'clock session, but was the last one in. The Temple was really beautiful, but very very small. The Celestial room was grand, but it just didn't have the magic that the Oakland Temple has. But it is really pretty. And....The grounds are beautiful! After my session, I walked outside and was taking some pictures while waiting for Chuck. I decided to sit on one of the marble benches to steady my camera, and what happens? It is a beautiful 71 degrees outside, and I am in a sweater...Not a cloud in the sky, and I sit in a puddle of water! Bahhhhh and it wasn't just a little water, it was a whole bunches of Lot's!! lol My entire backside was soaked!! For anyone who knows me, you know that I am the biggest accident prone person ever! So this was sooooo typical of me! Right when I stood up, Chuck luckily had just showed up, and I ran to the car. I didn't know what to do, so I threw my bags in the car and ran back to the temple. I asked one of the nice ladies there what I should do. And if there was a store near by. She took me into a bathroom, and took my skirt and took it to the dryer in the Temple! So for a while I was hiding out in the bathroom in my under-roo's texting!! lol But that wonderful lady saved me!!! After my hold out in the bathroom was over, We walked the grounds, and really enjoyed ourselves. Chuck and I are really considering getting sealed in that Temple so all our friends can come. We aren't sure yet, but it is something to consider. After the Temple Chuck took me to an Outlet mall where I went into a Coach outlet and felt like a kid in a candy store!!! I felt like giggling the whole time! It was wicked awesome! There was a hat there that was calling my name, but Chuck said no way...He thought I looked ridiculous! At least I got a picture in it! lol ha ha ha We ate some good chow, then followed our directions to Deseret Book, where I got to play again! ;0) Walking in that store felt a little like home! ;0) It was fun, and I was sad I could only spend an hour in the store. I didn't get to look at all the books long enough! lol Well that was my great day! Chuck and I had so much fun together, and we really needed it! He has been so busy lately that we just haven't spent any time together at all. I feel so giddy and blissful right now! ;0) Here are a few pics that I took! Luv ya all

XoXo-Andrea Carla

The Ship graveyard

A great name for a car! lol

The Sacramento Temple:

The Awesome Coach Hat!!

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