February 12, 2010

Lazy day!

Today is the best! For the first time since Christmas, Chuck and I are lounging around the house being bums! For the last 6 hours Chuck has been playing a game called Darksiders, and loving it. (this is his way of unwinding) And I have blogged, done journaling, cleaned dishes, and kitchen, and picked up the living room. I would love to just be a bum all day, but I can't justify sitting here doing nothing. I need to go clean the room, and do some laundry next. But I thought I would show you what sort of trouble Paige and Harley made this morning. Also I wanted you to check out the ear buds I use for my hands free set on my phone. And yes....those are gold fish. The sound is not stellar, but they are cool! Here are a few pics for your entertainment, as well as two prints I found to be pretty awesome!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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