February 3, 2010

I love my girls!!

Yesterday was good I took a class at the institute, and then came home to finish picking up around the house. The sisters came over with Dayna, and we all studied the scriptures a little and from the book Preach my Gospel. It was really fun. And I love that Dayna came to. Thanks for coming! ;0) The sisters stayed for a little bit after D left, and we talked and read some more. Then the girls got two cancellations in a row, and a not so good phone call and were pretty discouraged. So I told them they could stay for dinner since they got cancelled on. They decided that they would go out in town for an hour or so, then come back for some din din. I made my famous Chicken Casserole that I love, and I DIDN'T MESS IT UP! I know you are all shocked right now! I even didn't have the right kind of gravy mix, and so I subbed with some beef gravy instead of chicken, and it tasted the exact same! ;0) The girls felt great afterwards, and went home to prepare for a new day!

Today was pretty good. I got up at 7:30 am and pressed the snooze button on my phone until 8 lol. I got up, had breakfast, and got ready for class. I went in early so I could take the preparing for a celestial marriage class, before my D&C class. It was actually really fun. I think this might be my favorite class so far. So I took my lippy lap top with me so I could follow along with the lesson because I don't have my book yet, but it is available online. After my first two classes, we had a small break, and then we had what was called a forum. It was really fun. The speaker was a RM, and he was funny. Afterwards we were fed lunch, but I was starting to not feel so hot, so I left without eating. Plus I feel like I am there more for learning, than being social. But I really have enjoyed this week.

When I got home, I was super tired. I ate a toasted cranberry bagel with apricot jam, and then climbed in bed for a much needed hour long nap. It was really nice. The dogs crawled in with me, and we snuggled and snored together. ;0)

The sisters had invited me yesterday to come with them to read to someone who has been reading the BOM, but not really getting or progressing with it. So they were to stop by at 7:30 and I would give them some left overs and then we would head out. Well I got a call at 6 from the girls. They sounded awful and almost in tears. They asked if they could please come over and eat. I told them of course, and we hurried and finished grilling up some chicken, and then heated up some leftovers for them ass well. When those girls came in, they looked beaten. They were holding back tears, and looked exhausted. I felt so bad. It ended up that they had a really bad 2 hour session with this guy who has been loving the lessons, but not getting them. He says he believes it, but won't pray, or do anything to find out for himself. The girls keep teaching and teaching, and it's like he isn't listening, and it is so frustrating for them. And he counters everything they say sometimes, and it makes it tough for them to teach with the spirit. So this evening it was a little to much for them. I had them come in, told them to kick off their shoes, and get comfy on the couch. Chuck set up dinner trays and I helped get out their food on the plate. We even served the girls, and I think they were about to cry. They had fresh grilled chicken marinated with Kinders, and leftover Chicken casserole. I think most of it was all they had for lunch was a P&J sandwich. And nothing else. They were tired, worn out, and had nothing good in their system. So we filled them up so much that they were about to pop. We let them relax for a few, and then they helped me with some of my homework, before we headed out. We read Alma chapter 5. We went to this woman's house called Aubin. She is retired from the Army, and now shows dogs in agility courses. She is also the rifle 4-H leader in this area. We hit it off, and we all enjoyed reading together. I think I will go back with them and do it again. I am the first member besides her daughter that she has had contact with!! ;0) It was a really fun evening. I felt so amazing today. It was a lot of fun. The girls both thanked me afterwards for just taking them in so they could recharge before going out. I love the sister missionaries so much. They are so sweet. And I am so glad I was able to help them out of their slump. I think they are so amazing for what they are doing. It is hard enough in life to talk in public, but to confront people and try to talk to them about something you believe so strongly in, and try to convey that has got to be even harder. And these girls do it all the time. Even when people are mean, or cruel, or hard. They keep doing it! It is soooo awesome! I love them! Here are some of my favorite pics of them!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

Sister Dinkins!!

Sister Goulding!!


  1. I am finally getting a chance to check out your blog (never enough time!!)and am loving it. What cool photos of the Sisters. Hope you are having a great day. Will I see you at the temple tonight? I am making food :)

  2. Sorry I couldn't make it. It was Chuck's first night off in a long time. ;0)