January 31, 2010

Hello I'm an ADDICT!

So it's hopeless....I am a book addict. I love my books, and I love bookshelves! I love going to the bookstore, and spending hours roaming the rows and rows of books hunting for that yummy one. I love being able to bring them home, and put them on my shelf so when I get to start a new book, I have so many great morsels to choose from!!! ;0) Now Chuck says I am a little crazy when it comes to my books. If I have a series of books, they have to be either all hardbound, or all paperback. I hate mixing the two. I think it makes the set look off. ;0P lol I know I am so lame. But it's the way I am. lol Maybe it's a condition. Maybe I need professional help! lol Maybe there are support groups for something like this....The bookaholics Anonymous!!lol

That's right folks....I am an Addict....I love books!!! lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla