January 25, 2010

Chuck's Birthday Cake

I am pretty sure my kitchen has it out for me. Today is Chuck's birthday, and so i decided to make his favorite cake. I am pretty dang good at making cakes, and even though when I decorate them they sometimes come out looking like a 2 year old decorated it....I have never had a problem with them. So today I wrapped Chuck's present. I loaded the first, second, and third box with tons of packing tape. Then I wrapped it in some christmas wrapping paper, then wrapped it agiain in packing tape. Yah I am that guy. I love to make his presents a little hard to get into. Here is some pics to make ya laugh:

While I was taping away, Chuck's birthday cake was cooling on the stove. He has been at work all day, and is super tired. Today was the beginning of his really long and tough inspection from battalion. They came in from Washington last night, and will be here most of the week. :0( Poor guy. So I picked up the house, pulled out some steaks, and then started to frost the cakes. Now you are probably wondering why part of his cake is pink. Well I had left over frosting from the last cake I made, and it was red frosting. But seems to have turned into a now litish red! lol The bottom of the cake turned out very well. Then I lifted on the top part. Chuck's favorite part. I think where I went wrong was not allowing the bottom to cool enough first. So On went the top. And as I was lowering it on.....splat....Well I will let you see the rest in pictures. I hope I at least entertained you a little. At least it still tastes good.....It just looks bad.


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