January 8, 2010

My Dream

So last night I passed out sick and tired. This is a rare thing for me, as I really have issues sleeping at night. During the day, no problem I can curl up and fall fast asleep. At night on the other hand I can't fall asleep even with the strongest of drugs. So for that to happen last night was super awesome! My dream I had was pretty weird. I dreamed we were all back in high school, and we were coming back from Lake Tahoe. I dreamed that some trucker for Wal-Mart decided to quit his job, and so he left his 2 semi's with trailer and full load. For some reason I ended up with keys and his cell phone. The lady that owned the loads I guess called me on the cell phone and asked me and my gym teacher to please help her, because the trucks had to be delivered that very next day. So I ended up driving one of the semi's to it's destination. I didn't even wreck it. Now I did have a close call, because the kid driving the other truck braked to fast in front of me, and it jack knifed, and I almost hit him. But I managed to to wreck the thing. Then I parked it for the night, and came back the next day to deliver it's contents. Now I can back a truck with a horse trailer, but I have never done so with a semi trailer. So I remember in my dream trying to act all cute, and asking another truck driver if he would back it down the ramp, and hook it up to the building. He did so, and then proceded to give me the goods from his load that he could not sell. What are these goods you ask? Potatoes! Yes he rolled a potatoe the size of a small pony off of his truck and gave it to me. Then some how my dad appeared in my dream, and I was in big trouble for driving the truck. Then I was riding in the back of the semi with my parents and some yappy little dog I have never seen before, and I was getting grounded. Then my dream jumped to we were shopping at a store, and then I woke up. I think the jumping around was me waking up off and on, but what a bizzaro dream!! I mean really, that is a real weird one. I remember really enjoying driving the truck though. Which makes me think. Wouldn't that actually be really fun?!! I understand it could be hard work, and a little lonely. But I really like road trips. I enjoy driving, and I think it could be fun. And I could take the dogs along, because they like car trips as much as I do!!! I think. lol It just felt fun in my dream! So I thought I would share this odd dream with ya'll. Since I never really fall into that deep sleep...I think it is called REM, I remember all my dreams. I remember every little detail. The worst one is I keep dreaming about this little baby boy that is mine. Having that dream once was fine, but I have had it about 6 times now.

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