January 13, 2010

Christmas 2009

This year it feels like Christmas didn't even happen. Poor Chuck has been so busy that he has been working non stop since October. The entire month of October he was in Africa. When he got back, he started working on Toys for Tots this year, and has been super busy with it. I helped as much as I could this year with sorting and counting toys out for the different orders. It was fun to see all the different things come through. Some items were very questionable, but you know that people's hearts were in the right place when they donated it. Chuck is still busy with everything through the end of January, but he was able to have a few days to himself so we could celebrate Christmas. Chuck made off with some good loot this year. I was really excited to get him the things he wanted so badly. And I had to make a big deal out of it since this was his first Christmas list he had ever made. It was awesome, and we only got a few work calls that day. This year we were invaded by part of the Cardon Clan. Chuck's younger brother and his family whom live in Monterrey right now came up and we love them. Then His older brother and his family invited themselves up...and well yah! It turned out for the most part better than we had expected with only a few hang ups. We still had some fun. We took them to Temple Hill to see the Christmas lights before they left.Nothing in the house got broken thank goodness, only someone colored on my carpet with an Orange marker...but Oxi-clean came to the rescue and cleaned it up. Here are some pictures of Christmas and Chuck's Family on the 30th.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

This is Spanky our resident Squirrel eating his Christmas present.

This years Christmas tree, and Chuck's loot! ;0)

Paige enjoying her Christmas present! A teddy bear to tear apart! lol

Chuck enjoying all the loot Santa brought him. ;0)

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