January 14, 2010


It is true. I am not that great at cooking. I love to bake cakes and yummy treats, but actually cooking things like dinner....I am not so great at that. Chuck is very picky about his foods, and so I leave the cooking up to him. Once in a while I try to do something fun and experiment a little. Like last night...I wanted some scones! Years ago my sis-in-law made some, and they were divine. I asked her for the recipe, and she just gave me the ingredients. We called her last night to try to get more info out of her, but she was so vague about the whole thing, that we just decided to try it and see what happens. Well since I was trying it...of course it didn't work out well. The ingredients were not portioned right at all, and so I ended up with a slight mess on my hands. And now I have so much left over dough, that I am not sure what to do with it all. My mixer got a little angry with me as you can see by the picture, and spat flour at me. And when I went to cook them....they came out more like little gobs of stone, rather than light, fluffy, golden brown clouds of goodness. I even tried a few with cheese in the middle. But those didn't turn out so well either. I think I need some real help in the kitchen. I love to cook, but every time I cook, Chuck picks it apart. So I don't cook for him anymore. Like a few weeks ago I made turkey enchiladas. Now to me that sounds gross, but they were pretty tasty. I used turkey, rice, onion, and cheese. I lined the bottom of the pan with ench sauce and then dipped each tortilla in ench sauce before packing it with it's innards. Then I wrapped them up and poured the remaining ench sauce on, and topped with cheese. I thought they tasted splendid, but chuck ate half of one, and never touched it again. ;0( He said they were great, but wouldn't eat them. Sorry if I don't believe him, but actions speak louder than words! I hope you all enjoyed my messy picture! ;0)


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  1. Oh my gosh! I would totally smack Paul if he was mean about my cooking!!!

    Luckily he went on Mission to Peru, (so he will eat anything,) so I have never had any complaints!