January 7, 2010

About me

I am loud, happy, shy, sad, quiet, neurotic, a chatter box, and a problem child. I tend to question things to much, and I almost always will annoy you along with myself. I dance when I think I am by myself, and sing loud and off key in the car. If you happen to be driving next to me during one of my concerts....don't laugh...you have done it to!! I am the best friend you always wish you had, and I am the one you want to kick away. I am constantly trying to figure out who I am. I am easily influenced, and am grounded with my traditions. I may get tempted but will not budge. I am stubborn, rebellious, and a brat! I have been a victim, and am a survivor. I give my opinion...sometimes when it isn't wanted. I am artistic, but can't draw, paint, or make anything lovely. I am a ballerina, and modern dancer!! I wish I was skinnier than I am, and have gone to great pains to get where I am today. Something always seems to push me down, but I always get up...brush my knees off, and stand tall. I hide because I think I am not good enough, but crave to be beautiful! I hate asking for help, but I need it constantly. I envy those who have kids, and at the same time am thankful that this mess isn't a mommy. I love the color pink, probably to much. I love Jewelry, and am spoiled with it. I am a girlie girl, and can still go out and shoot my .9mm or go to a Monster Truck show!! I love cars, but am a Chevy truck Girl through and through!!! I am a daddy's girl...always and forever!! I love animals, and if I was allowed to I would bring home every dog I possibley could. I am a nut job, a nerd, and a freak!! I love taking pictures but have no talent for it! I try to be sexy but probably come out looking like a deformed peacock! I get easily hung up on stuff, and won't let it go. I am obsessive, and determined. I love horses so much, and wish I could be with them all the time. I love, love!!! And I could talk forever!! ha ha


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