January 19, 2010

I'm still in California right?

Today I was cleaning, when suddenly it got super dark outside, and then promptly started to hail, rain, and the thunder and lightning were pretty loud and intense, not to mention I thought the wind was going to carry the house away!!! I am not a fan of thunder, and neither are my dogs. They cried and cried over the sound of the thunder. Harley was barking and whimpering, and Paige was shaking. I only have one lap, and they were both trying to sit on it so I could protect them. Poor kids. Finally Paige ran into the bathroom and hid and wouldn't come out. I remember watching Little house on the prairie when I was little, and they said that thunder was because God was moving his furniture around. Well if that's the case, I think he was throwing out the old, and movers were bringing in the new! lol It was some loud thunder! And according to reports it is only going to get worse tomorrow! ;0( Oh well I got a huge roaring fire going, and it helped keep us toasty warm today. The sisters called me when it was raining, and they were freaked out by it a little, but having fun. I hope everyone survived!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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