January 13, 2010

Sister Missionaries

I have been very blessed to have amazing Sister Missionaries come into my life. Every town we live in, I seem to love them and take them in and try to give them anything they need. I love these girls, and it is so comforting to see them each day. I think they are so great for the things they do. It must be hard enough to leave your family for about 2 years, but even to do so in another country must make it even harder. These girls are amazing. They have given me the strength I need on so many occasions, and I love them for that. Here are some of the amazing women I have met. I love you and miss you girls!!

XoXo-Andra Carla

The Beautiful Sister Nai from Australia

The Beautiful Sister Dinkins from Utah(left), and Sister Son from South Korea(right)

The Beautiful Sister Son from South Korea at her going away party!

Sister Son's last visit to the Temple before going back to S. Korea.

The Beautiful Sister Lo (left) and The Beautiful sister Cho (right)from S. Korea!

The Cho-Lo's Unite!! I love these girls!!

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