January 12, 2010

Road Trip?

So I have really been aching to go home lately. I want to see my new newphew I haven't met, see my other newphew and nieces, along with my sister and parents. I also would love to see some of my friends. So here is to hoping that maybe soon I can do just that. I asked Chuck if I could take a road trip, and his response was "You don't want me to come?" and he sounded a little wounded. Well it's not that, but it seems everything is about him, and well I want this trip to be about me! The goal is to take a trip down to San Diego, and pull along a small u-haul trailer full of some valuable things I would like to keep safe at my parent's house so nothing bad will happen to them since we move so much. I hope to spend 3 days in Encinitas. The first day spending the entire day with my grandma and basically saying goodbye to her, since I probably will never see her again. Then the second day going to the San Diego Temple, seeing my very cute pregnant friend and having lunch with her at DZ Akins, then seeing Grandma again. And the third day packing up the car, saying goodbye to grandma, and heading to Idaho. Once in Utah/Idaho I hope to unpack see the family and recover from the long drive. Then I would like to go to the Logan Temple, and have lunch with all my amazing Cache Valley friends. The next day would be a trip to Salt Lake to go to the Salt Lake Temple, and have lunch with an old friend, and possibley his wife if she has time to join us. Then day three a trip to the Manti Temple. It looks very beautiful, and I would love to see it. Then the rest of the time would be spent visiting my family and playing with the kids. If Chuck wants to visit his family at that time, that is fine, but I would like to avoid any unpleasantness. Hopefully this can all happen in early Feb, but with chuck's work schedule lately who knows.
So I hope to see most of you at our lunch date in Logan. I am craving El Sol, and Taco Time, so one of those two places would be where we eat. I am guessing it would be Taco Time, because I love Tater Tots, and no one out here seems to have them!

Love you all!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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