January 19, 2010

I'm on Fire!!

This is my Birthday Cake! As much as I love baking, I did not make this one. Chuck and I were so full on my birthday, that we snitched a cookie off the top after I blew out all the candles, and didn't eat any else! lol So I forgot to add while we were at El Torito waiting for our order Chuck says completely out of the blue.....So when do you want to have kids?!! Now this caught me off guard quite a bit, seeing as how I have been wanting children, and he flip flops back and forth between wanting them, and not wanting them. I asked him what brought this conversation on, and he said he was just wanting to get an idea at when I wanted to start trying. So we talked for a little while, and have agreed on several things. We agree that his father won't see our children, and his mother will have little to no contact. I am relieved about that. And we have agreed on who can and cannot babysit the kids. Now I am sure things will change in our opinions when the time actually comes, but hey at least we are talking about it now instead of when it happens. We have agreed to have this talk again next year on my birthday and possibly start trying then. We also agreed that I can get little baby things here and there so that we will be prepared if and when this little person comes. That's right I said if. I don't think I can pop out an little ones, so we will see when the time comes. But in the meantime we will at least be prepared. Now you ask what do we do with everything if we find out we can't? Well it's not like there is a shortage of my friends popping out kids, and I am sure they would love the stuff. And that will at least allow me to enjoy the buying cute kids things even if can't have kids. So all in all I won't completely miss out on all the fun. We are both excited and scared at the same time about maybe, maybe not having kids. Who knows what it means for us!!!

So after my Confessions from a neglected kitchen, I had tons of left over dough, and so the next night I made some super yummy spaghetti, and so I thought it would taste super good to have some sweet bread with it. 2 hours of baking time later, and this is the better looking loaf that came out. They smelled really great, and I knew they would taste good. So after dinner was done cooking we forgot about the bread. The next day I thought a piece sounded really good with some butter and peach jam. It was really gross. I ended up throwing away both loaves. Yeah I really stink at this whole cooking thing. I don't know what my problem is, lol I don't think Chuck noticed that both the loaves just walked away. lol
Well I am off to make myself some dinner since Chuck is at YM's for the evening. I think I will make a single serving of spaghetti again. lol Night all!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla


  1. Just keep trying. Practice makes perfect. Half the fun is in the process of baking and cooking anyways. When I cook it is almost spiritual these days. I turn off all electronics so it is really quiet and still and just really focus on what I'm doing with the food and how I'm prepping it and cooking it. Even if it doesn't come out exactly as planned I still feel accomplished c: